In the first blog of this series we looked at definitions of SCM, Food Supply Chain and discussed some key ideas. In the second part, we discussed current trends for SCM Software in the IT Marketplace. In this third part of the series we looked at WMS systems and their future. Now in this last part of the series let us check some new technology ideas in logistics, like logistic beacons and augmented reality.

Logistics beacons

Product traceability and visibility is always a driver in a supply chain network and it has been focus of many innovative technologies like GPS and RFID. These technologies were and are being used to trace a product as it moves through the supply chain. GPS is used more often to track trucks or containers while as RFID is used more at pellet or product level. Due to limitations of RFID and the cost it is getting restricted to inventory management. To trace the full path and location of a product in a supply chain, IoT based Logistic beacons are getting introduced. Logistics beacons will not only help to locate the product to its current location, but it will also be able to communicate with other devices around it to determine the path of a product during its journey.


Augmented Reality in Warehouses

Augmented Reality refers to the layering of computer simulation models over the physical layout of current surroundings. AR uses the layered information over physical objects to improve the processes in a supply chain network. For example, smart glasses in the warehouse are considered a form of Augmented Reality Supply Chain, explains SupplyChainDigest. The wearer is able to overlay a computer simulated image into the physical space. Industrial sector is one of the leading demand creators for AR apps market. “The vision picking software offers real-time object recognition, barcode reading, indoor navigation, and seamless integration of information with the Warehouse Management System,” DHL notes. (3)

Even though AR may have been recently introduced in Supply Chain market but the possibilities it presents in future are endless.